Best of NiFi

All of my NiFi related content in one place

A lot of very good stuff about NiFi is all over the internet: a lot of posts, videos, resources shared by community members and users of this great project. This page is a genuine effort to link the best resources in case you want to improve your knowledge about NiFi or learn about techniques and/or interesting use cases.

Note 1 - Bear with me, I’m just starting to gather the best resources and your help is truly appreciated in case you think some resources should be added to the list. To do so, feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to keep things up to date.

Note 2 - If you’re looking for somewhere to start, best is to start with the official documentation and, if you’re curious, the Confluence pages. Also, I recommend you to subscribe to the mailing lists and to join us on Slack.

Note 3 - I’ll try to keep things as up to date as possible but things are moving really quick in this project and I cannot guarantee that all the technical content of the below posts is still valid (but it should be!).

NiFi Framework

NiFi installation and deployment

NiFi Security

Record API in NiFi

NiFi Monitoring

“How-to” about processors

Scripted components

MiNiFi and C2 server

NiFi Registry

NiFi Tools

Use cases, fun with NiFi, and others

(last update 08/11/2018)